e payment

Vision and Mission


Our vision is to help Afghanistan banking system to shift from tradition to modernity through newest payment solution and equipment in order to Afghan people feel and experience more comfortable.
Mission: We believe that the electronic payment options offer more convenience, safety and efficiency over paper-based methods. Electronic payment is used in such transactions as, banking utility, online shopping, bill payment, tax payment, mobile Credit, Cash Out/In, consumer purchases and etc. We establish mentioned services using Acquiring Switch, Point of Sale (POS), Automatic Teller Machine (ATM), Card Printer and Queue Management System (QMS).


Our Services

Cash Out

Cash OutBank customers can withdraw to account through their ATM card not in bank branches or ATMs. They can visit the RTC appointed agent and swipe the ATM card on the POS Machine and doing cash out.


ATMRTC is authorized supplier of Diebold Nixdorf ATM in Afghanistan for supply, installation, maintaining and spare parts. 

Queue Machine

Q machineWireless queue management systems (WQMS) are set up to manage ticket ranking for a service with identification and thus enable a serene and stress-free waiting.

E payment Services

Epayment ServicesAny bank or other financial organizations in Afghanistan can use our e-payment services as following with a simple integration between RTC payment switch and their payment switch.

Our Partners

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